What mean meanings that mean to demean the mean…

What mean meanings that mean to demean the mean;

Or what do mean ye, that dam up ambition in peasant blood?!

Seas intractable mount heaven, slave may’st be king;

As dreams vouchsafe, and make incarnating good!

Mortals we, when something literate, ween ourselves omniscient;

When rich, immortal; then in health, omnipotent:

Thus oft are men rabid by welfare, wise compulsion;

One to better the other alleges, the other the one:

Herewith all things confus’d agree in men,

Of men disadvantag’d, how descant ye then?


From such obversions what uproarious fracas ‘gins,

As why give wretch’d beggars to bear hand ‘bove kings;

Why, greatness best sitteth on backs that least pore o’er it;

So sat I offhanded, full cognizant of this wit,

Seeking none to please, so entrancing Tyche,

Who but now with insignias of greatness pie

My fortune (herself with greatness pullulating):

High goddess favouring so rascally underling!

By indirection oft we find golded caves out:

Ho! mark the goddess dote disesteem’d by her lout!


Now to her by conquest won I’m to her e’er sworn ‘pon earth;

At her hest, by will or by nil, of hers by right, mine by birth!


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 6, 2016 · Posted in Braindrops On Yellow Leaves, Literary, Poetry, Trends

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