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Tyga risks being ‘caged’ in prison

Tyga risks being 'caged' in prison

A US judge has issued a bench warrant against rapper, Tyga, following his refusal to appear in court for a hearing.

The rapper was expected to show up for the hearing following the non-payment of a settlement ordered in favor of a landlord who claimed he (Tyga) damaged the apartment which he rented to him.

His delay in making the payment led to a court date where he was meant to answer questions about where he was hiding his assets.

According to reports, the landlord is angry over recent reports that the rapper bought his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner a $200,000 car for her birthday.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga pack on PDA at the airport

Kylie Jenner, Tyga pack on PDA at the airport

He feels this amount should have been used to serve the payment he was ordered to make by the court of law.

The rapper now faces a high possibility of being incarcerated.


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