Trump seeks seasoned VP

De facto Republican nominee in the race for the White House, Donald Trump, said Wednesday he wants a running mate with political experience who knows how to work well with Congress.



Trump said his pick for vice president — unlike himself, who is political novice — will be someone seasoned and quite conversant with Washington politics.

“It will probably be a person with political experience,” Trump said in an interview with television broadcaster ABC the morning after his chief remaining rival in the race, Texas senator Ted Cruz, abandoned his White House bid.

“I would like to have somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the Senate, dealing with Congress, getting legislation passed.”

Trump seized a resounding victory in Tuesday’s primary in Indiana and is expected to easily scoop up the 1,237 delegates necessary to officially secure the nomination.

His brash style, stances on issues that depart from party orthodoxy and personal attacks have divided Republicans.

Trump’s choice of running mate — a decision generally announced shortly before the party’s national convention that culminates the nomination process — could help him sway skeptics.

This year’s Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland, Ohio in July.

Trump declined to divulge any VP names on Wednesday.

He told the “Fox and Friends” morning show, “I’m considering a lot of people, to be honest.”


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By Sydney Chesterfield on May 4, 2016 · Posted in Politics, Trends

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