The little princesses and the officers: These hungry princesses just wanted their breakfast

A couple of wannabe princesses got up early to hit the streets of New York City in the hope of finding a prince, or perhaps it was just breakfast.

Zahara and Zamiyah Beary donned Cinderella and Rapunzel costumes before sneaking out of their Brooklyn home in the early hours of the morning, in search of adventure.

They made it all the way from their house in Brooklyn to Manhattan’s West Village before their spell was broken by eagle-eyed NYPD cops who brought them back down to earth with a bump, and a few stern words.

On the run: Sisters, Zahara, five, and Zamiyah Beary, seven, crept out of their Brooklyn home before 7am on Thursday morning to find breakfast. Eventually they were caught by NYPD cops in Manhattan

The two young girls, dressed as princesses, are pictured arriving at 78th Precinct, where they were reunited with their foster parents, Alex Cone, 32, and Krista Cone, 31 (foster parents not pictured)

Zahara, five, and Zamiyah, seven, pictured at 78th Precinct. They were reunited with their foster parents (not pictured)

The cheeky sisters tiptoed out of their bedrooms while their parents slept unaware that their daughters had scaled the palace walls (or opened their front door) and scurried onto the quiet leafy streets of Park Slope just before 7am on Thursday.

Zahara, five, and Zamiyah, seven, first entered a local McDonald’s on Ninth Street around the corner from their home where they ordered a cheeseburger.

‘They were ordering food and when we brought it, they said they didn’t have any money,’ said cashier Juan Lucero, 18 to the New York Post.

After failing to pay for the fare, the sisters decided they would head next door and try their luck at getting a couple of bagels.

The girls, who were wearing oversized polka-dot shower caps ordered two plain bagels with strawberry and regular cream cheese.

When it was determined that the children didn’t have any cash on them, another man in the line bought them breakfast.

Morning munchies: The girls tried to get a cheeseburger at this Brooklyn McDonalds before heading across the street to a bagel shop where a kind man bought them both breakfast

But the adventure was just beginning as the youngsters got on board a Manhattan-bound subway train before getting off at the West Fourth Street in the West Village.

By that time, police were on the lookout for the darting duo whose concerned parents had alerted the cops.

Transit officers immediately recognized the girls from their description at around 9.15am.

The girls got their wish as the police finally took them to a McDonalds on Sixth Avenue where they were fed hash browns.

The girls broke down in tears as they became overwhelmed by their situation.

‘The little girls kept asking for their mom. That broke my heart,’ a manager told the New York Post.

Police officers eventually brought the girls back to the 78th Precinct, where they were reunited with their foster parents, Alex Cone, 32, and Krista Cone, 31.

The children were given a good talking-to by their guardians, although the parents would not explain how the kids were able to leave the house so easily without them realizing.

Administration for Children’s Services spokeswoman Carol Cáceres said in a statement, ‘ACS received a report on this case and is currently investigating the circumstances that led to this incident.’


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