Texas: Teacher wanted by police after ‘getting pregnant’ with 13-year-old student

A 24-year-old teacher has gone on the run in Texas after getting pregnant during a months-long sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student, according to court documents.

Alexandria Vera told police she initially resisted the advances of a boy who was assigned to her English class at the start of the school year at Stovall Middle School in Harris County.

But according to district court documents, a school police officer said Ms Vera had admitted to having a relationship with the student which lasted from September 2015 to the end of January 2016, during which they “had sex on almost a daily basis”.

Prosecutors are seeking to charge Ms Vera with the felony offence of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison under Texas law.

But according to local news station KPRC, officers who attended her address with an arrest warrant were told she had left home, and the person who answered the door did not know where she had gone.

             Alexandria Vera told police she initially resisted the boy’s advances, according to court documents

Ms Vera allegedly admitted to the relationship when she was confronted by the school principal Elsa Wright, but said the boy’s parents were “accepting of their relationship” and invited her to attend family gatherings “as his girlfriend”.

She said the family was told when she became pregnant in January this year, and allegedly told the school police officer they were “very supportive and excited about the baby”.

But Ms Vera told police she aborted the pregnancy a month later, “after she got nervous when CPS unexpectedly showed up at school… to question her and the complainant [the boy] about their relationship”.

Ms Wright, the principal, contacted the police about the matter in April. She was herself tipped off to the relationship after it appears to have become the subject of gossip throughout the school.

Speaking to KTRK TV, one unnamed student said of the student and his teacher: “He like grabbed her butt, and everybody saw it. And then they were talking about it.”

The school police officer said in court documents that Ms Vera had “agreed to discuss the case”, and described how the relationship began.

She said the boy first asked for her details on Instagram but she refused, until he failed to show up to school one day and she used the social media site to get in touch with him and “remind him of an assignment due”.


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