Tea for two! Little girl has tea party with police officer who saved her life after she choked on a coin

On a recent afternoon in Rowlett, Texas, Police Corporal Patrick Ray poured imaginary tea into a minuscule cup adorned with pink flowers for his 2-year-old hostess, Bexley.

The occasion for the outdoor tea party was the one-year anniversary marking the day the Rowlett officer saved Bexley Norvell’s life.

On July 26, 2015, Ray responded to the Norvells’ home after getting a call about a child in distress.

Tea for two: Police Corporal Patrick Ray, from Rowlett, Texas, is pictured at a tea party with 2-year-old Bexley Norvell whose life he saved a year ago

Bexley’s savior: Last July, then-22-month-old Bexley choked on a small coin and likely would have died if it were not for Officer Ray’s actions

A toast to life: The heart-melting tea party was organized by Bexley’s mother to mark the one-year anniversary of the toddler’s very close call

Bexley, then 22 months old, became unresponsive after swallowing a small coin, which became lodged in her throat.

‘When I looked at her, I just saw these big, blue eyes looking at me. It was almost like she was telling me, “I know you’re here to help me,”’ Ray told CBS DFW after the incident.

His body camera was rolling as he went to work trying to clear the little girl’s airways.

A few minutes later, Bexley began breathing again and started crying.

Looking back on that day a year ago, the Rowlett cop, who has two children of his own, said of the moment Bexley finally drew a breath: ‘It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my entire life.’

Patrick Ray has been in the Norvells’ thoughts and prayers for the past year.

Guest of honor: The burly cop looked out of place sitting in a tiny chair at a miniature table, but he did not mind one bit

Best of friends: Bexley and Corporal Ray enjoyed some imaginary tea and real cookies in a bucolic setting

An officer and a gentleman: Officer Ray befriended Bexley and her family after saving the girl's life  

An officer and a gentleman: Officer Ray befriended Bexley and her family after saving the girl’s life

‘I won’t ever forget this man and I told his wife, “You know, I’m going to think of your husband every single day for the rest of my life,” and I hope she’s okay with that,’ Tammy Norvell, Bexley’s mother, said after the girl’s brush with death last summer.

To celebrate Bexley’s new lease on life and her special bond with Officer Ray, Mrs Norvell organized a tea party for the two buddies and hired a professional photographer to capture the special occasion.

Photos from the touching reunion show the burly cop in his uniform blues towering over little Bexley, dressed in a flouncy pink dress and pearls, and holding a dainty umbrella to shield herself from the sun.

The pair sat in tiny chairs at a miniature table covered with a festive white tablecloth. A vase with cheerful yellow flowers stood in the middle next to a delicate toy tea set and a plate of treats.

This video frame shows an unresponsive Bexley in her mother’s arms after choking on a coin

Caught on camera: Ray’s bodycam captured the moment Bexley began breathing again in July 2015

Lucky coin: The toddler swallowed a penny, which then lodged in her throat. The Norvells later made it into a key chain

Reunited: Tammy Norvell, little Bexley and Officer Ray are pictured together in the hospital after the girl’s close call

Local hero: Officer Ray was presented with the Rowlett Police Department’s Life-Saving Award from Police Chief Brodnax last year. The Norvells were on hand for the ceremony

Speaking to the local CBS station later, the cop said his colleagues on the force were sure to rib him about the tea party, but he did not mind the jibes coming his way.

‘I’m sure I’m probably gonna get a tea set or something,’ Ray said.

The Rowlett cop said he is looking forward to seeing Bexley grow up and build a family of her own.

Ray, pictured seated next to his young friend and her mother, Tammy, said he was looking forward to seeing the girl grow up


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