“Such ailment I endure, as shun gems paddock’d once in my heart’s shrine,

“Such ailment I endure, as shun gems paddock’d once in my heart’s shrine,

In very selfsame moment that they be call’d mine;

Where is Renown famed to chase things not, save be chased;

But here with that law break, and sue thee, who prove passing chaste!

As Lion’s superintendent of the ricinous wild,

All universe belongs to the inadvisable child!

Be thou ruled, sound no fairs in the skies; frisk with me on ground;

For, the depths of earth tried, heaven on earth is found!”

Such muddled endearments lovesick Renown doth use,

And with abject troths means to win my Muse!


Now mild, like foe scoop’d from war, the fool begs his life,

Now hot, he threats she love him or he dies;

Citing his argument thus: he to himself still obscure lies,

Till he her favour win, and win for wife:

“At your feet lay I up full measure of my store,

Which, hope, something buys to encouple thee, and enrich me;

And thou for recompense, knotted to me, art praised the world o’er:

For, perforce, Renown and Immortality wed pair need be!

Immortality unmark’d throttles her living flame in sand;

Renown brief when begot holds his dismal death adjunct in hand!”


Away ‘mid this inspectorate I inspect this colloquy full;

How my Lady Grace smiles athwart, and brooks well the lover-fool!


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 6, 2016 · Posted in Braindrops On Yellow Leaves, Literary, Poetry, Trends

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