#ScotLond: ‘Bremain’ supporters launch online campaign for Scotland and London to join together and stay in the EU after both voting against Brexit

Depressed Londoners are using the hashtag #ScotLand as part of a campaign for the capital to join Nicola Sturgeon’s battle for independence from the UK.

London and Scotland voted to stay in the EU yesterday but a huge revolt by Middle England and Wales led to today’s Brexit.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon today said she could call a new independence referendum within months – because thirds of Scottish voters backed staying in the EU yesterday.

Sadiq Khan has already spoken to Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland and London share a 'common cause'

Alliance? Sadiq Khan has already spoken to Nicola Sturgeon, who said today a new independence referendum is likely and said Scotland and London share a ‘common cause’

Supporters: Some have even created their own logo for the ScotLond movement - others have encouraged Sturgeon and Khan to 'keep talking'

Supporters: Some have even created their own logo for the ScotLond movement – others have encouraged Sturgeon and Khan to ‘keep talking’

During a speech today she also revealed she had already spoken to London Mayor Sadiq Khan because there is a ‘is clear common cause between us’.

Her comments gave hope to some who started using the hashtag #ScotLond, which began trending on Twitter.

Lucy Pasha-Robinson ‏tweeted: ‘Do @NicolaSturgeon’s discussions with @SadiqKhan mean #ScotLond is going to happen? Please? #EUref’.

Seyi Rhodes wrote: ‘I’m so pleased to hear that @SadiqKhan has already spoken to @NicolaSturgeon about #ScotLondon’.

Dudley Cruse said: ‘I know it’s probably silly, but #ScotLond is the only thing giving me hope right now’.

@CaptainEllie tweeted: ‘Half Scottish and my heart belongs to London, I’m all for #ScotLond’.

Workers in the Square Mile, the City of London, are bracing for months of pain as banks and financial institutions begin the process of considering whether to slash jobs or relocate to Europe in the wake of Brexit.

JP Morgan, HSBC and Goldman Sachs all said prior to the vote that thousands of jobs in the City of London could be moved to the continent in the event of Brexit.

Sarah Phillips, partner at solicitors Irwin Mitchell, said the Brexit vote will have a ‘big impact’ on people working in Britain’s financial services sector.

She added: ‘Many banks, insurers and fund managers who have large businesses in continental Europe could consider relocating to Paris or Frankfurt and senior staff will either lose their roles or have to move to another country.

‘Some global investment banks, such as JPMorgan, have said that Brexit would lead to a significant loss of jobs in the UK.’

HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver said in February that a vote to leave could see 5,000 London-based investment bankers move out of London to Paris. Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan, said earlier this month that up to 4,000 jobs could be hit.

Although banks have been cautious on Friday in making any brash statements regarding their future plans, experts are forecasting that large scale redundancies could be on the cards.

The Mayor of London’s office has strong links with Europe, and even has offices on the continent to bring in business.

But he lacks the power to maintain links with EU and will not defy yesterday’s vote.

A Labour source told MailOnline: ‘What they were talking about was to push for Britain to stay in the single market going forward.

‘But Sadiq has said he will respect the will of the people on this and that London will continue to be a success’.


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