#RipMayowa: Mayowa Ahmed has died

Mayowa Ahmed Of #SaveMayowa Campaign Is Dead – After a lingering battle with ovarian cancer, Mayowa Ahmed has passed on.

Mayowa’s case had become popular when her family had pleaded with Nigerians to help her case, raising a reported N80 million in just over a week.

Many more people had joined in prayers, with her progress closely being followed on social media. Her story took a turn for the worse when blogger Linda Ikeji had claimed that that entire campaign was a scam. The Nigerian police had become involved with the case, freezing all the bank accounts and preventing Mayowa from traveling abroad.

The case was settled later, but now seems to have been too late as she has now passed on. Miss Ikeji has also come under fire from people who believed she played a negative part in everything.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on August 21, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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