Rapper Drake set to open strip club

Toronto rapper, Drake has decided to stop singing about strippers and help set them up in business!

The crooner has revealed plans to set up his very first strip club and are the strippers happy! According to Spin, the ‘One Dance‘ singer at a recent event said he hoped to open an honest and genuine strip club in Houston, Texas.

The rapper was reported saying, his club would be called ‘The Ballet’ and would be opened to the public in 2017.

There’s a culture out there of dancing and it’s not about no strip club shit. It’s about these amazing women that we’ve got in one spot, this music that we got, and the Houston culture that we got. I just wanna let you know that I’m going to bring it to you in the most honest and genuine way possible.

Treat yourself don’t cheat yourself. Where the women are on a pedestal and the surroundings are unforgettable,” the rapper continued.

Meanwhile, Drake opened his first restaurant in Toronto last year September.

Slowly working his way to becoming a business mogul….


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By Sydney Chesterfield on September 7, 2016 · Posted in Entertainment, Trends

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