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Railway sex: Woman decapitated during sex by speeding train in Siberia


A woman has died after a passing train decapitated her while having sex on a railway line.

The woman, who was on top, is believed to have looked up after hearing the train approaching.

She was killed in Ulan-Ude, Siberia, where the accident happened.

The woman was decapitated on a railway line in Siberia

The woman was decapitated on a railway line in Siberia

According to Russian news agency Pravda the woman and her partner were both homeless and were drunk at the time of the accident.In recent times there have been a number of incidents near the tracks. A man’s legs were cut off and his body was found four days later.

Earlier this week a mother was hit along with her two young children, aged one and two. The younger one died at the scene while the mother and two-year-old are in a critical condition.


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