Police Share Missing Teen’s Mugshot On Facebook, Then She Finds The Nerve To Comment On It

On August 25th, 2016, police officers in Surry, Australia were desperately searching for Amy Sharp, a troubled teenage girl on the run.

18-year-old Ms. Sharp escaped from Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex in Sydney, Australia. Amy was in custody for what has only been described as “property defenses,” like vandalism or other low risk (and often typically teenage) offenses.

During her escape, Ms. Sharp managed to find either a phone with an internet connection or a computer – because she unbelievably commented on her very own Missing Post on Facebook.

The cops used her mug shot for the post, as it was the most recent photograph that anyone had of the missing teen. They shared the two photos of the downtrodden teen with the media, including 7 News Sydney, who shared it in their Facebook page with their upwards of 800,000 followers.

That’s where Amy found her photo and left her comment…

You see, Amy Sharp had one very polite request for the police. Scroll down to see the photo in question and Amy’s comment, which has been liked over 50,000 times on Facebook.

Amy gained access to the internet and commented on her own mug shot. She was very polite about the whole thing.

The image-conscious teen even provided a nicer photo of herself to police! She practically did their job for them.

Not surprisingly, Facebook fans of 7 News Sydney were quick to make jokes.

Some teens thought that the vain teen was their new hero.

A few commenters, however, suggested that the cops contact Facebook and use location services to find the missing girl. There’s no word on whether or not that’s how the police responded, but a few hours later they released a not-so-surprising update:

The not-so-savvy teen was apprehended and back in jail just a few hours later.

While her vanity is somewhat laughable, a few top commenters responded to her second arrest with kindness and hope:



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