#Nigeria: One Week One Trouble

With a myriad of National issues that spring up almost on a regular basis, one wonders when some 
(mostly those that boarder on national unity) will be finally laid to rest. From one Government 
to another issues arise that puts to test the unity of the Nigerian people, its true nature 
and beneficiaries. As we swim along, we find ourselves drowning in pool with a mix of issues 
that swing from political activities and affiliations to Government Appointments, Policies,
Ethnic Violence, Budget Allocation, and Resource Control etc

We have adopted a system of government that is Federal, but it is apparent that a unique hybrid 
of federalism, one that is only peculiar to Nigeria is what we have on display.

The reasons so far are vague and oblivious to well thinking Nigerians, and  in spite of persistent
clamor for a realignment of structure much is yet to be seen.

Its been observed that many a Nigerian are less concerned about the current structure of the 
country which in the opinion of some is the root cause of the BIG problems we have. 
They  are more preoccupied instead with the business of surviving , forgetting that as we
proceed, their survival "business" may become more herculean without a restructuring because major 
issues that stir us in the face point in the direction of our foundation. 

There is therefore the urgent need to restructure the nation to reflect true federalism, Yes, we need to
know what we stand for and why we exist as a Nation

On the other hand, some of the regions seem to have become patronizingly bewitched by their rulers 
heroic pledge that they hardly raise any interrogation about the character of Nigerian unity, its
real and supposed beneficiaries as well as the political and economic interests which it is configured 
to serve.

What a building lacks in proper foundation or structural deficits it cannot make up for in any other 
way and no matter how beautiful it is by design it cannot pass any recommendation for use or habitation

The foundation of a people are their laws, it is what frames their economic, 
social and political structures, as well as their foreign policy direction, and how it is administered 
determines what will be seen regardless of its content. 

If therefore the laws are designed in a way that it permits favoritism or advantage towards any particular
group or class against another, then there will come a time when it will go through the true tests of 
natural justice and be found wanting regardless of judicial rulings or verdicts because there is 
certainly a limit to human endurance.

There has been several Committee Whitepapers, Reports, Conference recommendations and the likes made 
by different Governments to address National Issues, grievances and anomalies, depending on the situation
confronting the nation at such times, but for some known or unknown reasons they are 
jettisoned and locked up in shelves. 
It has come to a point where Nigerians are now tired of talk and have lost faith in Government's 
ability to resolve real National issues and this is leading to eruptions of incessant crisis, agitations 
and Self determination pursuits

It is important to note that the intention of a plan or policy is not as important as its implementation,
therefore if you are given to advertising intentions, you can appeal to people but not for too long,
when there's no evidence of results you subsequently undermine your credibility. 

The onus is therefore on Government to revisit past documents and recommendations to extract workable 
solutions for the Ethnic crisis, Socio-economic Malaise, Militancy etc for the peaceful coexistence 
of the different ethic nationalities in the country.
Government should now become proficient in implementation and make their actions speak much more louder 
than words because to expect people to continually have faith in a system that is divorced from
truth and justice will amount to living in perpetual delusion.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 25, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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