Mom Births Twins And Gets Free Pair Of Baby Shoes From Famous Hometown Athlete

Matt Centrowitz did something that no American has done for over 100 years: He won the gold medal for the men’s 1500 meter sprint at this year’s Olympic games in Rio.

What an amazing feeling that must have been to cross that finish line first, knowing that he was the first American to have done so in such a long time.

Clearly, he worked very hard on accomplishing his goal, as every Olympian must do. It takes a lifetime of training to compete in the olympics, let alone win a gold medal in an event.

But, it’s not just Centrowitz who gets something out of his win. America gets the pride, of course, too, but there is more to this story. New moms in his hometown are also all winners.

Where does an Olympic athlete’s career start? In their hometown, of course. That is where they begin on their path to glory. Matt Centrowitz hails from Annapolis, MD .

In honor of this momentous win, Nike teamed up with Centrowitz to do something really amazing for all the new moms in his town.

Seventy pairs of infant-sized shoes were sent to the local hospital, where they were dispersed to new parents at their babies.

This generous gift is meant to inspire parents to allow their children to chase their wildest dreams, no matter how lofty.

In order to succeed, children need the encouragement and support of their parents. If Centrozitz’s parents and community hadn’t supported him, who knows where he would be today?

Hopefully this gift will give these new parents a good running start on raising their own little winners, from artists, to scientists, to athletes.

Nike plans to team up with other Olympic winners and do the same exact thing for their hometowns. Don’t you think this is just such a wonderful idea?


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By Sydney Chesterfield on September 3, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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