Marc Anthony Breaks Down While Doing Tribute to Legendary Singer Juan Gabriel

Marc Anthony is neck-deep in mourning.

The GRAMMY winner broke down crying on Monday night after paying tribute to legendary Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel — who died at age 66 in Santa Monica, California on Sunday — during his concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

A concertgoer tells reporters that Anthony was incredibly emotional and in tears after giving a speech in memory of Gabriel, recalling how the first time he saw the best-selling Latin artist perform was on the very same stage he played that night.

Anthony then asked the audience for help singing one of Gabriel’s classic songs, “Abr├ízame Muy Fuerte.”

“There was not a dry eye in the audience during this performance,” the concertgoer shares.

Anthony also took to Instagram to pay his respects for Gabriel, commending his legacy and crediting the performer for inspiring his career.

Mexicans say 'adios' to beloved singer Juan Gabriel

Mexicans say ‘adios’ to beloved singer Juan Gabriel

Gabriel’s death is especially felt in his home country of Mexico, where, after news of his passing broke, mourners came together across the country, including at the statue in his honor in Mexico City, to pay their respects.


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