Lily-livered bear skulks behind tree to get from scuffle

We can’t all be the hero who steps in and saves the damsel at the end.

Some of us are this bear: giving up the fight, tiptoeing back on hind legs to hide behind a tree.

You can almost hear the voice in his head saying ‘Back away… Slowly now, okay, you’ve got this, just get behind this stump…’

Although he gamely battles on at first, raising his paw like a bear with conviction, he soon realizes he is not going to emerge victorious and might even get his fur ruffled uncomfortably or a claw in his eye if he carries on.

So he throws in the towel and hopes his sparring partner won’t notice him through the meager covering of branches.

The two shuffle around the stump for a while but thankfully it looks like the ‘hide behind tree’ manoeuvrings was successful, and no blood was shed after the fight at Indianapolis Zoo on May 20.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 4, 2016 · Posted in Funnies, Trends

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