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Kim and Kanye threaten ex-bodyguard, Stanulis, with lawsuit

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After rap music star Kanye West sacked one of his bodyguard Steve Stanulis who he claimed was flirting with his wife Kim Kardashian, he is suing him for defamation.

Just like when the power couple sued YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and he was forced to pay a hefty $440,000 to the couple.

Kanye West and Steve Stanulis                                          Kanye West and Steve Stanulis

Their former bodyguard may have fallen into the same trap, the couple is threatening to sue him with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after slamming them in a recent interview with New York Daily News.

Kim and kanye West who just celebrated their second anniversary no longer want to be associated with false publicity and whoever try to publicly humiliate their reputation should be willing to pay heavily and face a judge.

Kim Kardashian with Steve Stanulis as her security detail

                                         Kim Kardashian with Steve Stanulis as her security detail


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