Justin Timberlake slapped across the face by stranger at golf tournament

American singer Justin Timberlake was hit on the face by an enthusiastic fan.

The pop star was shockingly slapped on the face by a drunken stranger over the weekend while attending the 27th annual American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe.

Reports say the award winning singer was trying to walk through a crowd at the golf tournament when he was suddenly blessed with a light slap on the face.

He slowed down to find the assailant who was then apprehended by police but Timberlake has declined to press charges.

According to the gossip site, the slapper refused to be escorted off the golf course and gave his explanation for slapping the ‘Mirrors‘ singer as just wanting to touch him.

Police arrested the over enthusiastic fan for disorderly conduct and told media that he seemed intoxicated and “belligerent.”

Timberlake who was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame late last year is an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on July 26, 2016 · Posted in Entertainment, Trends

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