Inexorable more than the blast of wintertide…

Inexorable more than the blast of wintertide

To the frostwort newborn, which unclad shows its infantile head;

Which the taxless autocrat cleeps from head, all prayers denied,

And sooner than cradled quickens the newling to the gravebed:

Sudden in the invade like a catastrophe,

From up his rising like a poor-laid sedition,

As evil no propulsion begs, but itself itself drives on,

And winkles out peace to do her outrage, in her canopy;

The hobbledehoy, Love, lets off his reed at me though forbid;

And, struck, leav’st me unclewn like stubbornness by tax new betid!


‘Tis a rum spirit which summons our powers

To more than we may compass, and beguiling heeded,

Oft find we nip more than our powers are call’d to, than needed;

As like minute minutes convoke them largely unto hours:

As when a man dreams him slain ‘pon a road somewither,

Yet, waken, cannot resolve but sets forth thither;

Wherefrom sojourn’d, repairs safely home and braves the thing threatening

That ruin foreboded, and make tender forth a new sweeting;

Like such I am champion of the wench’s chested jewel hight,

That but sprawl’d like valleys did bend to my favour such great height!


Monarchy, shunning his stool where he stoops, hoists up his regard;

Thus you Venus yours enamour’d of a scapegrace most froward!



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By Sydney Chesterfield on September 16, 2016 · Posted in Braindrops On Yellow Leaves, Literary, Poetry, Trends

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