Fally Ipupa resolves conflict with Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o and Fally Ipupa have finally made peace, two years after the Congolese singer allegedly leaked Helene Nathalie Koah’s nude photos online.

Fally Ipupa, Eto'o

Fally Ipupa, Eto’o

The duo were spotted hanging out today, August 3, 2016 somewhere in Cameroon.

Recall that in 2014, after Koah called off her relationship with Ipupa, her nude photos surfaced online and Cameroonians accused the singer of leaking the photos.

Koah later lost her job at the Cameroon Airport Corporation, Camair Co, because of that scandal and it was reported that she was hospitalized afterwards for trauma.

Samuel Eto'o and Nathalie Koah

Samuel Eto’o’s ex, Helene Nathalie Koah is at war with him

From reports, Koah and Eto’o dated for 7 years before she called it off in 2013 and later kicked off a new relationship with the Congolese singer. In her exclusive interview with a Cameroonian blog, Koah described Eto’o as rude and explained how she endured that relationship.

But Koah’s time with Fally Ipupa was brief and after they split up in 2014, her photos suddenly appeared on social media, and it was branded an act of revenge by the Congolese singer.

Now the big question remains, who really posted those photos,Eto’o – who got badly hurt from the break up or Fally Ipupa – who was probably not truly in love with Helene?


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By Sydney Chesterfield on August 3, 2016 · Posted in Entertainment, Trends

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