Eminem, Drake quash beef rumors with joint stage performance

Eminem and fellow rapper, Drake, have played down any rumors of beef between them following a recent performance at the latter’s concert in Detroit.

The pair came together to give a stage performance of their 2009 collaboration song ‘Forever’, which led to loud cheers from the crowd.

Eminem and Drake

Eminem and Drake

According to reports, Drake gracefully welcomed the ‘8 Miles’ rapper onto the stage, describing him as the greatest rapper.

“Detroit, make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on the mutherf–kin’ microphone. He goes by the name of Eminem,”

“Legendary s–t tonight”, he added.

Humbled by the welcoming address, Eminem in turn said, “It’s an honor to share the stage with this man right here.”

The rumored beef reportedly started when Hot 97 radio anchor, Ebro Darden, revealed to listeners that he recently spoke to Drake concerning Eminem getting involved in his beef with Slaughterhouse rapper, Joe Budden.

He allegedly mentioned that the Canadian rapper told him he would prepare a response for him if that turned out to be so.

Ebro Darden

Ebro Darden

Darden quickly made clarification concerning the comment on his Twitter, calling it a joke.

“It was such a joke and people ran with it… Slow news day. Drake got too much respect for all that…”

“Facts we was joking…Talked about in jest & fools jumped out the window. I ain’t even think it was a big deal”, he tweeted.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on August 19, 2016 · Posted in Entertainment, Trends

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