Defending Palestine is Arab and Islamic responsibility – Morocco

Abdelilah Benkirane, Head of Moroccan Government, stressed Sunday that defending Palestine and Islamic holy sites is the “responsibility of all Arabs and Muslims, not only the Palestinians alone”.

Speaking to Quds Press, Benkirane said: “I feel shameful whenever I speak about Palestine because they alone are paying the cost of existing around the oppressive entity [Israel].”

He continued: “Palestine is an Islamic and Arabic land and its holy sites belong to all Arabs and Muslims. Therefore, Palestinians must not bear all the burden of defending it.”

Benkirane called for Arabs and Muslims to stop the ongoing wars and bloodshed. “I am convinced that we must not fight each other,” he said. “The Ummah [Muslims and Arabs] with its rulers and ruled alike must sort out its problems and come together and live in peace with some patience.”

To achieve this, he said that “all have to review their positions, repent and be merciful towards each other mainly before the start of Ramadan.”


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 6, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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