Charly Boy charges Nigerian youths to mental revolution

Charly Boy, eccentric media personality, in a recent post on his website calls on all Nigerian Youths to stand up and do something about their predicaments.

 According to him, most Nigerian youths are wasting and dying in the sad river of frustration, dejection, suffocation and total hopelessness.

Read his full piece below:

“The other day, I was at Radio Continental where Wale Powpowpow and his crew engaged me in a fierce discourse about the future of many of our hopeless youths.

I was so mad about the youths’ predicament in Nigeria, that I kept swearing, cursing and dissing our leadership for mortgaging and stealing away the future of the Nigerian youths. Trust me, by the time I gave my phone number out on radio, the phone lines were jumping off the hook, Hummm come and see calls. Many who called in, plagued to stand behind me on battle day.

“Nonsense why would you people stand behind me and not besides me, how many times have I led different groups in the advocacy of whatever their challenge may be only to turn around and not see anyone behind me or is it the people you’re fighting for  always denying you?” For any nation or people to succeed, such people must be united in their effort with unabated spirit to fight for a course which is no other than social justice and equality. However most Nigeria youths are wasting and dying in the sad river of frustration, dejection, suffocation and total hopelessness, Chai!!!

Most of our youths these days are, incapacitated, unwilling, unable and incapable of standing up for their rights. How can they? When most of us are still collecting pocket money from our parents, some still writing Jamb., can’t feed or fend for themselves, still jobless and not even making any tangible effort to reshape their bleak future. My guys why have most of us become so docile?

Why for Christ sake ain’t we angry, what can Sagging our trousers achieve when we have been robbed of our destiny and future by all the Yahoo yahoo kalukalu leaders. Why for heavens sake are you not Mad that the leadership for long have never cared about us, hence they have killed education because all their children are abroad in the best schools with our stolen money. Oh God!

Our Mumu never do?


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By Sydney Chesterfield on May 26, 2016 · Posted in Entertainment, Trends

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