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“Why can’t I be Nigeria’s president,” asks comedian Okey Bakassi. @Okey_Bakassi


Okechukwu Anthony Oyegbulam aka Okey Bakassi, Nigerian entertainer, has unveiled his plans to become next president of Nigeria.

In a recent Instagram post, the comedian cum actor asked why can’t he become the next president of Nigeria going by the journey of his life in the entire geo-politcal and geographical zones of Nigeria.

The Onye Ozi actor wrote, “I was born in the East. I started my education in the North. I graduated in the South-South. I live and work in the West. I’m a complete Nigerian. Why can I not become the next president?” the comedian asked rhetorically.

Okey Bakassi became famous in the Nigerian entertainment circuit with his rib cracking jokes and featured in a couple of Nollywood movies, his recent been Obi Emenloye produced Onye Ozi.


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