British PM seeks positive outcome for science in Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she wants to ensure a positive outcome for science in negotiations to leave the Euro­pean Union.
Theresa May has said that the UK is “enriched by the best minds from Europe and around the world”.
She states that providing re­assurance to them and to UK scientists working in Europe will be a “priority”.
Mrs May’s comments were made in a letter that was written five days after she became PM.
The Prime Minister wrote to one of the country’s leading scientists, Professor Sir Paul Nurse, who is director of the Francis Crick Institute in Lon­don and a former president of the Royal Society.
In the letter she states: “I wanted to write to you to make clear that the Government’s ongoing commitment to sci­ence and research remains steadfast”.
She adds that her govern­ment is committed to protect­ing science and research fund­ing in real terms.
Mrs May also tells the Nobel Prize winner that the reorganization of the Department for Business, En­ergy and Industrial Strategy “does not signal any reduction in the very high priority I at­tach to teaching and research”.
And crucially on Brexit she says: “I would like to reassure you about the government’s commitment to ensuring a positive outcome for UK sci­ence as we exit the European Union. While we negotiate a new relationship with our Eu­ropean partners, we are not turning our backs on European scientists.”
The UK receives £850m in re­search funds from the European Union each year. Full member­ship of one of the main EU funding programmes requires free movement of labor. Brit­ish universities employ 30,000 scientists with EU citizenship.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on August 3, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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