Brexit v Bremain: Battle Plays Out on London’s River Thames

The battle for Britain’s future played out Wednesday on London’s River Thames.

The country’s looming June 23 vote in whether to leave the European Union — dubbed a “Brexit” — has seen both sides of the debate ramp up their rhetoric and campaigning.

On Wednesday, both those backing a Brexit and those pushing for the status quo took to the famed Thames.

A flotilla of fishing boats backing a Brexit sailed under London’s Tower Bridge. A counter-demonstration — with the help of singer and activist Bob Geldof — used dinghies and banners to spread the “In” message.


Musician and campaigner Bob Geldof

Musician and campaigner Bob Geldof joined a counter-demonstration as a flotilla of fishing vessels campaigning to leave the European Union sailed up the River Thames in London on Wednesday

Brexit flotilla sails down Thames

A boat from the “Fishing for Leave” campaign group and smaller boats from the “In” campaign join a flotilla along the River Thames on Wednesday.

Brexit battle

Supporters of the EU Remain camp attach banners to Tower Bridge on Wednesday as they await the flotilla backing a Brexit


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 15, 2016 · Posted in Reports, Trends

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