Beauty beauty lacks, that looks not like you…

Beauty beauty lacks, that looks not like you,

As contraptions cross themselves that please not their author’s view;

Such enchantment you’ve, to make toys of edicts, might weak,

Kings slaves, Sovereigns churls; and all brawny bonds of oath freely break!

Rhymes be the variecolour’d plumes on wings of poesie,

Which bird, taking wing to upper spheres, richly paints all the sky:

So you, queener than Dido, set the gilt crown on Beauty’s head,

Like coronators divine at will change kings in their stead!

O what turret might men upraise to keep charming women out,

Whose soft grace empales ferrous gates, and effectuate swift rout?!


Haply sentenc’d to a lifetime of labour,

Impute I sleep my bail, and rich-giving favour;

For, lo, poor jailbird I, all riches I accrue,

Gathereth up in dreams, and o’erteems with you:

As one stray’d between worlds twain, wake and sleep,

Like Orpheus ‘pon voyage for Euridices

Through flaming netherlife, as ‘twere he himself did decease;

Trowing fortune as he press’d, braving each slip:

Gaging life for prize, prize more worth than life,

To die rather than not refund with his ‘steemed wife!


All my heavy traversing headeth due you (youward),

Whose path, submit I, like Glory’s, proves passing hard!


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 6, 2016 · Posted in Braindrops On Yellow Leaves, Literary, Poetry, Trends

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