Backpacks might be banned at Oktoberfest after THREE high-profile terror attacks in a week

Concerns have been raised over security at the event, but Munich mayor Dieter Reiter said “people would understand” if heightened security measures are put in place.

Mr Reiter said: “We are now talking of course even more intensively with the security authorities and the police about the subject of Oktoberfest.”

Munich shooting aftermath

Munich shooting aftermath. The Munich shooting killed nine, including seven teenagers.

Talks of increased handbag searches and putting a fence around the world’s largest beer festival have been discussed following high-profile attacks.

Three savage attacks all took place within the same week in Bavaria.

An Afghan refugee hacked 19 people on a train with an axe and a knife on Monday 18 July while a shooting in Munich left nine dead on the following Friday.

The attacks were followed by a suicide bomber blowing himself up outside an Ansbach on Sunday, injuring 12 people.

Mohammad Daleel tried to gain entry into the Ansbach Open music festival but was turned away before detonating his bomb just moments later.

The Munich mayor added: “We will need to consider whether to prohibit backpacks. I say this quite openly, because since Ansbach everyone will have to understand that we need to think about such measures.”

Reiter gave a damning verdict on the mindset of the German state following the spate of attacks.

He said: “It is a really bad time. A great depression has overcome the population in Bavaria.”

Oktoberfest attracts more than six million visitors into the German region each year.

Aftermath of the Ansbach bombing

Aftermath of the Ansbach bombing

A suicide bomber who pledged allegiance to ISIS blew himself up and injured 15 others
Yet the annual festival saw a 400,000 drop in visitors last year and there are fears the recent attacks could stop people celebrating the historic event.

Police are likely to be out in force after a heightened terror alert was issued by Angela Merkel in the wake last week’s attacks.


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