As droughty Elephants…

As droughty Elephants water miles away,

Suspicion smelleth perfidy from afar;

So Love beauty does, though hateful ramparts make a bar:

Then aims the prize, by distance made keener!

Greatness sought to be hid is embolden’d

And manifest made to all wakeful eyes;

Thus Murk, seeking to shroud your light, itself so destroys and dies,

Wherefore my love, spotting the thing it dotes on, be quicken’d:

For thy fair as is preternatural,

Blazes past the Sun, yet kisses kindly ‘pon all!


Riches stockpil’d smirches the soul oft, so filth is,

To the last wedge dispens’d gold, and enriches:

Nor long-stay’d sleep, that canst ill be express’d in dreams,

Nor slept, is scarce more agnate to death than to sea are streams –

Wherefore all things pined too long, or too much possess’d

Are wrack to the brain, and all forgone together best!

Thus pining thee long, now possess’d of thee too much,

Two wracks be on the fold, rough with the brain to the touch:

Albeit this foul-seeming ‘state be more fair acquainted

Than told the ear, which blind, knows not the thing painted!


For my part come not I to contemplate the stars;

But inferne mine own Sun, as in the skies a Mars!


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By Sydney Chesterfield on April 28, 2016 · Posted in Braindrops On Yellow Leaves, Literary, Poetry

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