Amanda Dreier: Married high school teacher admits to having sex with her student at least four times after being caught by police with the teenager during ‘parking lot romp’

A married high school teacher from Iowa has admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her students after being caught alone with the teenager in the back of a car by police.

Amanda Dreier, 27, told authorities that she and the boy, who was enrolled in her English class at Ankeny High School, had sexual contact at least four times according to documents seen by The Des Moines Register.

Both Dreier and the student, who is not being named, confessed to the relationship according to court documents, but said that it did not begin until after the teenager had graduated and was no longer a student in Dreier’s class.

Dreier was married in 2013 and both she and her husband Alex are high school teachers.

Trouble: Amanda Dreier (mugshot above) told police that she and a former student, 18, had sex at least four times
Beau: Dreier (left) is a married English teacher at Ankeny High School (husband Alex on right)

The student and Dreier first met in 2015 when he was a student in her class, and began meeting outside school at some point during the year in parks and parking lots according to court documents.

She had just begun working at the high school after spending four years an English teacher with the Des Moines Public Schools System.

Dreier also told authorities that the boy had been over to her house in the months prior to his graduation.

It was just hours after Drier’s last day of school on June 7 that the two were caught by authorities who were investigating a report of students on the roof of a local public library.

Authorities then noticed two cars parked closely next to one another and went over to investigate, at which point the teenager stumbled out of the backseat putting on his shirt and covering the front of his pants according to the criminal complaint.

The police report noted that the victim claimed the two had just returned from, a walk shortly after 11pm and spoke in a shaky voice while Dreier stood silently with her arms across her chest.

After noticing the age difference between the two the police launched an investigation which involved looking at the phones and social media accounts of both Dreier and the victim while also searching their homes.


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