Amadou Gillen: Wetherspoons employee wins £4million during lunch break, goes back to finish shift

Amadou Gillen is definitely a man to be respected and admired without beyond clouds, a Wetherspoons employee who won £4million on a National Lottery scratchcard during his lunch break but still went back to finish his shift.

Mr Gillen, of Towbridge in Wiltshire, bought the scratchcard during his break and took the biggest prize possible.

And though he admits it was hard, he still went back to work and finished the remaining four hours of his day.

‘When I saw the number “4” on the card I knew they didn’t pay out £40, so I knew it had to be £4million,’ he said.

‘I scratched off the rest and oh my, I was so excited.

(Picture: SWNS)                         Mr Gillen plans to buy a Peugeot

‘But I put the card back in my pocket, and went back to finish the rest of my shift.’

The father-of-two says he hopes to buy a car with the money. Not a Ferrari or a Porsche, he hastens to add, but a Peugeot.

‘Hopefully I’ll get a small Peugeot and after that and driving for a while and getting experience of driving I’m going to get my dream car.’

Mr Gillen took his daughter to Nando’s to tell her the news.

‘My daughter was shocked,’ he said.


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By Sydney Chesterfield on June 2, 2016 · Posted in Oddies, Trends

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