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Adnan Syed: Appeal against retrial for man at center of Serial podcast

Adnan Syed enters Courthouse East in Baltimore prior to a hearing. The hearing, scheduled to last three days before Baltimore Circuit Judge Martin Welch, is meant to determine whether Syed's conviction will be overturned and case retried.  After spending 16 years in prison, Syed, convicted of murder, who was at the center of the podcast "Serial" has won a new trial in Baltimore. Baltimore Circuit Judge Martin Welch ruled Thursday, June 30, 2016, that Syed deserves another trial because his attorney failed to cross-examine a cell tower expert about the reliability of data.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh has appealed against a judge’s order granting a new trial to a man convicted of murder in a case that was featured in the Serial podcast.

Mr Frosh said that his office filed the notice of appeal on Monday. The attorney general’s office has asked that any new trial for Adnan Syed be halted during the appeals process.

Syed was convicted in 2000 of killing his former high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Hae (top circled) was found strangled to death and buried in a Baltimore park

Hae (top circled) was found strangled to death and buried in a Baltimore park

Retired Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Martin Welch ruled in June that Syed deserved a new trial, because his lawyer did not challenge testimony in the case that became the focus of the podcast, which captivated millions of listeners around the world.


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