A father whose son was killed in Iraq War says Blair should feel ‘shame and dishonor’

A father who lost his son in the Iraq War has said he has felt first hand the tragic consequences of the mistakes that led to war and loss.

Colonel Colin Mildinhall has spoken to News at Ten in his first interview since the death of his son Lieutenant Tom Mildinhall in Basra in 2006.

He said the “guilt, the shame and the dishonor” of the Chilcot report was enough and he wouldn’t join the calls for legal action against Tony Blair.

I think for those who have been criticized in this report, directly and indirectly, it’s sufficient for them to take away the guilt, the shame and the dishonor of what they’ve done. They’ve not only ruined the lives of 179 servicemen but actually thousands and thousands of Iraqi civilians as well.

– Colonel Colin Mildinhall

Lieutenant Tom Mildinhall
Lieutenant Tom Mildinhall

Both father and son were officers in the British Army.

Colin had served in the first Gulf War and was a senior officer when the second one started.

With his inside view – he knew about the chaos his son Tom would be going in to.

Here we are, perhaps the most sophisticated electorate in the world, we’ve been misled badly. This was a catastrophic breakdown in communication. No one could say ‘how does this end?’

– Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mildinhall

Colonel Mildenhall said there was a culture of not delivering bad news or covering it with “coatings of sugar” and he said “it has to stop”.


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