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240,000 vehicles in Lagos not roadworthy – Commissioner

Lagos 1

imageLagos State Ministry of Transportation has outlined plans to ensure that vehicles plying the road are compliant with vehicle inspection regulations in a bid to ensure safety on Lagos roads,

Lamenting the number of rickety vehicles in the metropolis, Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Dayo Mobereola, at a press briefing heralding the bi-ennial safety Week, organised by the ministry, stated that out of the 45,037 vehicles apprehended in 2015, 8,012 (20 percent) were not roadworthy.
This was extended to about 240,000, out of 1.2 million vehicles apprehended in the period under review.

Furthermore, he said a study revealed that while Africa has just two percent of the world’s vehicles, in contrast, 16 percent of global vehicular deaths are traceable to Africa with Nigeria and South Africa having the highest fatality rates of 33.7 percent and 31.9 percent per 100,000 population yearly.

The theme of the event: “Unroadworthy Vehicles: Threat to life on Our Roads”, underscored just how high a priority the Lagos State Government had to ensure safety on the roads across the metropolis.


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